Rock Walls & Tree Clearing

Rock Walls

Axle’s Earthmoving can produce feature rock walls and retaining walls of all shapes, sizes and varying lengths to suit any job requirement. Rock walls offer a desirable natural look to compliment any home or commercial job.

Rocks are sourced from local suppliers in all types of stone. Our earthmoving machinery are fitted with attachments to assist with the construction and moving of extremely large rocks.

Tree Clearing

The process for tree clearing can be achieved fast and safely by the use of our machinery. Axles Earthmoving clears in a professional and controlled manner to allow for minimal impact on the surrounding property as the tree is lifted up and away, then lowered onto an area, often on the road close to a truck and chipper to be processed, all whilst providing a safe site for the crew involved.

Just one of our specialties

Rock walls are just one of our many specialties not to mention:
• Rock Breaking
• Pulveriser
• Tree Clearing
Detailed Excavation
• Asbestos Removal


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