Reconnective Healing™

Reconnective Healing™ one on one healing.

Reconnective Healing has been described as the ‘evolution of healing’. It incorporates a bandwidth of frequencies energy, light and information. Researchers believe these healing frequencies are being accessed on the planet for the first time.



We live on a lake and my husband has a favourite swan, that comes to our jetty.

She is by herself, and calls us by making loud noises if she wants to be fed. She eats out of my husband’s hand and loves lettuce from our garden. We call her Kristina.

For the last 3 or 4 days Kristina has been off colour. Does not want to eat, and just drifts close to our jetty. I went outside and tried to feed her, she did not want the lettuce.

I thought if I do a healing on her maybe it will help. I did a half a 20 minute healing on her while she was drifting in the water coming slowly closer to me.

About 2 hours later I heard her calling out, went with my bag of lettuce to greet her, and she ate the lot out of my hand.



Many people have reported amazing healing experiences with Reconnective Healing by distance.  It is reported to have the exact same results as it would in person.  You are able to relax in your own space and it is perfect for those who are unable to travel to see a practitioner.