Many hands make light (and muddy) work

You didn’t have to ask us twice here at Axle’s Earthmoving to head over the border to volunteer with the clean up after last week’s floods.  Over the weekend, Axle and our team headed to the flood ravaged suburb of Murwillumbah to assist in the massive clean up that has devastated the laid-back location.

We were among an army of like-minded businesses and volunteers who kindly donated their time, machinery and manpower to assisting grateful residents who were dealing with thousands of dollars worth of damages to their homes and businesses. 

Armed with our trucks and excavators, our team swiftly took to the streets of the small Northern NSW town to assist in clearing the streets of unwanted obstacles, debris and vegetation.

Our team was astonished at the amount of damage and really felt for the people who had lost so much, yet the vibe over the weekend was nothing but hopeful.

We didn’t hesitate to get in there and get our hands (and knees) dirty to offer our assistance with whatever tasks were required. 

With much banter and enthusiasm, our team worked together to load up the trucks alongside the locals and get some cleaning done!

We were just as proud and overwhelmed as the community, with the support of so many people who had come from all over Australia to assist in the mammoth clean up that still is ahead of everyone. 

Big thank you to our team and we appreciate you always getting behind Axle’s Earthmoving and giving a helping hand!!