About Ella

For years I maintained that I did not want to be a healer!!!

What is the reason why I was drawn to facilitate healing?

Over the years I have been confronted by several healers, telling me that I to was a healer. ´You have the energy to heal, why don’t you try it, we can show you´, they said. They also said: “You already make a difference in people’s lives just by being there.

At that stage in my life I was absolutely not interested in getting involved in healing. Even though I strongly believed in their healing abilities as I saw the outcome with my own eyes, it was not for me!

Deep inside me, I have always known that I have the energy going through me to heal. I turned my back to it, as there were so many other avenues I still wanted to pursue.

When my children were young and had tummy aches or other pains I always sat them on my lap and held them. After a couple of minutes the pain was gone. Same with my dogs and cats. They would come to me if they were feeling unwell.

One day I finished reading a book The Reconnection written by Eric Pearl.  In short, it explained that along the way we lost our connection with the Universe. By reconnecting we would find balance and ourselves and our purpose in life. It also explained that we are all healers, we only have reconnect and be open to the energies that flow through us.

It was as if a switch had turned on in my head, and in the next few days I surged for a Reconnective Healer, to do the reconnection session for me, as the book recommended.

I found a Reconnective Healer and I booked a healing session. Not a lot happened, few twitches here and there, but that was all. I then booked for a 2 hour ´ The Connection” session. This must be done over 2 days.  Nothing much happened the first session. The next day in the 2nd session the last 10 minutes, it felt like my body levitated of the bed and it was as if a monstrous vibrator got hold of my body shaking it around. I was not sure what to do, as I have never experienced anything like it. I seem to have little control. This lasted about 20 minutes.

Ever since that day, things have been very different in my life. I feel I was reconnected to the grid, the Universe, Super Natural or whatever you would like to call it. What I had been trying to avoid (push under the carpet) for years now finally eventuating,

During my healing sessions, I receive guidance from a higher source. The energy flows through me, all my clients need to do is open the door, so they can receive the healing/balancing energies.

I never looked back since that day, and have gone from strength to strength helping/healing/balancing/connecting  people on the way.


My Philosophy


  • We are here to learn lessons, and the world is our teacher (i.e. people, situations, bosses etc).
  • We keep getting the same lesson until we learn it (e.g. same set of problems in a different set of pants).
  • Our biology is a bi-product of our beliefs and perceptions.
  • Healing can happen in an instant.
  • Living with less (i.e. possessions) leads to more happiness, freedom and options.
  • The moment you get too attached to things, people, money, outcomes . . . things tend to go pear shaped.

I look forward to meeting you!


Certified Practitioner

Level II: Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Program

Reconnective Healing® With Animals Workshop